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Terms & Conditions

Cancellations and Policies

Due to the nature of my job and offering a mobile service I reserve the right to take full payment for a cat groom if 48 hours notice (or 2 days) hasn't been given from the time of the appointment booked. Monday to Sunday (excluding bank holidays).

If I arrive at your home and am not able to carry out the grooming session because you have forgotten the appointment, or you are nor home, or your cat is nor available, a full cost of the groom will be occurred following the appointment. I am able to provide a courtesy reminder before the appointment, however failure to receive this call or text does not absolve you the responsibilities to keep your appointment and a full payment would still be necessary.

Safety and Health

A grooming session maybe terminated for the safety or the health of either the cat or the groomer.

If, during a grooming session, the groomer notices any problems needing veterinary advice or treatment, the owner will be notified. A grooming session many not be completed if the groomer feels it necessary. Full cost of the groom will still be payable.

The groomer cannot be held responsible for any health issues a cat may develop subsequent to a grooming session.