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Customer Reviews

Emma is amazing! She got rid of some nasty matted fur from old grump Lily, who had never been groomed before. After a couple of false starts with the cat escaping, the shaving began. Emma was great a calming a squirming and not best pleased cat, and in less than half an hour the deed was done. And despite some sorrowful miows I think the cat appreciated it itself in the end.

Very pleased with the professional but friendly service, and so happy that Lily is finally free from any nasty matts.

High recommend Snip Snip (and Emma)! Definitely will use again and thank you for the tips on future grooming.

Sarah Myers

Our cat Trixie was having hygiene problems because of her long fur and not only did Emma do a fantastic job with our never before groomed cat (she was quite wriggly) and in a professional & calm manner but also at a very reasonable rate! The fact that your furry pet can be groomed at home is added bonus! Will definitely be using Emma's services on a regular basis!

Yasim Boulden

Emma came to my house last night to groom my two cats who have never been groomed before. She was polite, friendly and professional. Not to mention she did a fantastic job on my ragdolls ! Highly recommend Emma for grooming your beloved kitty's, she's mobile too which is a massive bonus as it causes less stress for your fur babies.

Faye Taylor

Emma came to my house in Maidenhead a gave our cat Morris a long over due haircut! She was did a fantastic job, he looks great, she was great handling him, really gentle and did so well as there was ALOT of hair and ALOT of heat! Would highly recommend!!

Georgie Willett

Thanks to Emma our grumpy but grateful long haired Russian blue, Marys is feeling a lot happier after a full on dematting! :)

Stevie Luxton

Thank you for coming to groom Stella yesterday she was lovely.

Liz Patey