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Benefits of Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming, where we visit the cat, benefits the cat greatly.

Cats are much easier to groom in surroundings they are familiar with and with their owner close-by.

Unfamiliar smells can make a cat extremely tense and nervous, before the groom is even attempted. Add to that the journey in the car there and back can be a very stressful experience for the cat and the owner!

We groom on a one-to-one basis - we groom your cat without the distraction and stress of being among other unfamiliar cats and dogs . Your furry friend will not spend time waiting in a crate to be groomed, surrounded by other pets, instead they will receive a caring, personalised experience knowing they have not left their home.

Cat Friednly

Reasons To Go Pro

Cat grooming is necessary for a happy and healthy cat. Using a trained, professional groomer will greatly enchance your cat's well-being.

We understand that cats have special needs in the grooming department. The results of your cat’s professional grooming experience should include:

tick Fewer hairballs and shedding at home.

tickNo mats.

tickCleaner eyes, ears, and teeth.

tickFresher smell.

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